10,000 Small Deaths

Underbelly Festival 2013

Underbelly Festival 2013 – Image by Mischa Baka

10,000 Small Deaths is a meditation on the lived experience – our presence, our imagination and our eventual demise.

Drawing on influences from the philosophy of wabi sabi, the Jim Jarmusch film Dead Man, Manga artist Takaya Miou, and by the visual artist Wangechi Mutu, Paula Lay’s 10,000 Small Deaths creates a mesmerising and hypnotic experience for audiences.

Moving through emotional landscapes and intimate territories, the solo body appears at times infinite and at others fragile and vulnerable. In the work, the body acts as the nexus for the intersection of choreography, live video, film and music.

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Underbelly Festival 2013 – Image by Mischa Baka

Site Specific version – Underbelly Festival, 3rd and 4th August 2013, Cockatoo Island, Sydney
Theatre version – Space B221, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne 2nd – 4th April 2014
Dance Massive season – Dancehouse, Melbourne 20th-22nd March

Original Concept, Choreography and Performer – Paula Lay
Video Artist and Dramaturgy – Martyn Coutts
Composer & Sound Design – Kelly Ryall
Filmmaker & Photographer – Mischa Baka
Lighting Design and Operation – Amy Davidson
Creative Consultant – Helen Herbertson


One Eye the Moon One Eye the Sun

A site-specific art work by Domenico De Clario, Paula Lay & Dario Vacirca

Image by Bryony Jackson

Image by Bryony Jackson


FRAY – Macau Fringe Festival 2007 & Coming Out Season – Dancehouse 2008

Choreographed & Performed by Ben Hancock & Paula Lay