Body & Memory
A 2-channel dance film installation
Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan
24th June – 24th July 2014

Concept, Video and Performance – Paula Lay
Performance – Bobbie Kuo
Video and Installation – Martyn Coutts

Bobbie Kuo



A dance-film commissioned for Next Wave Festival 2010
Choreographer, performer & concept: Paula Lay
Director of Photography & Editor: Mischa Baka
2nd Photographer: Georgina Papagiannis
Composer: Kelly Ryall

As dawn appears a single body emerges set in the vast and empty landscape. Skeletal trees carve out the space and small struggling signs of life dot the landscape. The body traces the past, present and future, contemplating the slippery boundaries between life and death and their eternal marriage.

This is a work commissioned for the Next Wave Festivals season of ‘Private Dances’ 2010. I was interested in making a site-specific work in the landscape that Australia has increasingly become known for, dried up lakes and riverbeds. The film was shot on location at the Cockajemmy Lakes, in central Victoria, Australia.


Manny & Quinn

A stop-motion animation made by VCA Collective Pretzl in 2008